Vision & Mission


Shree Dyayanandshikshansamiti regd. In 1963 has chosen the field of education with a sense of mission and the main tenets of the mission are: – objectives of the samiti in foundation the educational institutions. Our educational institution has to be a holy and happy abode of Maasaraswati goddess of learning and all our endeavours aim at attaining the blessings of this goddess for illumining the path of the student’s learning and to make themvirtuous, disciplined, tolerant, humble and minded. To impart to the prospective citizen of our country, the strength and ability to fulfil their responsibilities properly and with sincerity in every sphere of life.

Inculcating in student community virtues such as renunciation, integrity, sense of justice and fairness and truthfulness, which are natural attributes of humanity. We aim at harnessing the student power collective towards attainment of social harmony and society’s well-being. Emphasis is therefore laid on two noble ideals: one inspiring the students for spontaneous love for duty second passionate desire to rate social good above everything else.

The education that we intend imparting should help the student to understand and grasp the Dharma of Citizenship i.e. his responsibilities and duties as a citizen.Education here is for life and not merely for living. The students are given instructions in law and properties of matter and to train them in thorough understanding of the laws and constituents of human personality and for this to promote the power of discrimination-what isgood and what is bad and the sense of judgement there. The last but not the least we orient our training with view to import to the young and sensitive minds a worldwide and comprehensive outlook in the glorious heritage of India and its universality and the importance of the sense of sacrifice, integrity, patriotism, sound moral character, perseverance and endurance.We are trying to fulfil this mission through our institution: Naming Shree MadhavVidyaPeeth, Shri DayanandVidhyalaya, are in Indore and Shri ToshniwalH.S.School in Palia.