National service scheme (N.S.S.)

National service scheme is a central service scheme of government of India, Ministry of Youth Affairs and sports.

Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao union education Minister, launched the NSS programme on 24th of Sept. 1969. NSS volunteers work to ensure that everyone who is needy gets help to their standard of living and lead a life of dignity. It develops student’s personality through community service.
This is especially for young people. It aims to instilling the idea of social welfare in students and to provide service to society with bias. NSS volunteers work ensure that everyone who is needy gets helps to enhance their standard of living.
It also provides help in natural and man-made disasters by providing food, clothing and first aid to the disaster’s victims.
It consists two types of activities regular activities (120 hours) and Annual special camp (120 hours).


Another part of Health Checkup Camp:


Visit to Lepa:

Students of NSS visited to Lepa and saw their life style, talent, hobbies.

Spent four to five hours with them and assure them for contribution in any task. In future



Plantation by Students of NSS of Shree Madhav Vidya Peeth in the presence of honorable guest, committee member Principal and vice-principal.


Traffic Rules:

Dedication towards the Nation

Students of SMVP … done the survey

Awareness program about traffic rules

Opinion of public about management of traffic police department.